Supply and Fitment Of Ceiling and Bulk-heads

ceiling bulkhead supplier Germiston

Bungane Carpenters supplies and fits fixed and skimmed rhino gypsum ceilings. Gypsum plasterboards consist of an aerated gypsum core encased in and firmly bonded on both sides with special plasterboard liner, rendering a smooth yet highly functional surface. Joints are taped with a fiba tape and bonded with a jointing compound. The entire surface is either plastered with rhinolite plaster or plaster skimmed to a 3 mm thickness. These finishes are recommended for high-end residential and commercial applications where style is of as high an importance as quality.

Bungane Carpenters also fit suspended grid ceilings, also referred to as “dropped ceilings”. These are usually a secondary ceiling, hung below the main (structural) ceiling. Our suspended ceilings consist of a grid-work of metal channels, suspended on wires from the overhead structure. Our exposed grids are powder coated in white and either structured at 600 x 600 OR 600 x 1 200. The tiles we use are either in lay-in form or with revealed edges. They further vary from commonly used Shell white – 9 mm to Acoustic/Sound tiles – 15 mm. When using dropped ceilings, one is able to create an aesthetically pleasing interior finish while concealing less attractive practical elements like lighting and air-conditioning. Suspended ceilings are also used in spaces where acoustics need to be improved.

When you need to further improve on the aesthetics of your residential or commercial space, Bungane Carpenters will hide those stepping roof elevations or supporting beams with custom designed bulk-heads.