Our Services

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Bungane Carpenters provide products and services of the finest quality, aimed at increasing the value of your residential or commercial property. We aim to eliminate all stress associated with building/renovation projects by applying our team’s unique skill set.


roofing service
Along with doing roof alterations and extensions, Bungane Carpenters erects roof trusses, lays concrete roof tiles and ridges, and does roof sheeting and flashings.



Supply and Fitment Of Ceiling and Bulk-heads

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Bungane Carpenters supplies and fits fixed and skimmed rhino gypsum ceilings. Gypsum plasterboards consist of an aerated gypsum core encased in and firmly bonded on both sides with special plasterboard liner, rendering a smooth yet highly functional surface. Joints are taped with a fiba tape and bonded with a jointing compound. The entire surface is either plastered with rhinolite plaster or plaster skimmed to a 3 mm thickness. These finishes are recommended for high-end residential and commercial applications where style is of as high an importance as quality.

Bungane Carpenters also fit suspended grid ceilings, also referred to as “dropped ceilings”. These are usually a secondary ceiling, hung below the main (structural) ceiling. Our suspended ceilings consist of a grid-work of metal channels, suspended on wires from the overhead structure. Our exposed grids are powder coated in white and either structured at 600 x 600 OR 600 x 1 200. The tiles we use are either in lay-in form or with revealed edges. They further vary from commonly used Shell white – 9 mm to Acoustic/Sound tiles – 15 mm. When using dropped ceilings, one is able to create an aesthetically pleasing interior finish while concealing less attractive practical elements like lighting and air-conditioning. Suspended ceilings are also used in spaces where acoustics need to be improved.

When you need to further improve on the aesthetics of your residential or commercial space, Bungane Carpenters will hide those stepping roof elevations or supporting beams with custom designed bulk-heads.


Dry Walling and Partitioning

dry walling


Dry walling and partitioning is a cost effective way of partitioning an office environment or work space without causing any damage to a building’s structure. It is lightweight, quick to install, low cost and fire resistant. Our dry wall consists of galvanised ultra-studs spaced at 600 apart and cladded in either 12 mm gypsum or 15 mm plasterboards. Bungane Carpenters manufactures and fits these partitions in an aesthetically pleasing way – we can either paint the walls or fit them with wall paper covering. To complete the look in your partitioned space, we offer laminated, carpeting or tiling flooring options.



Insulation Services Germiston


Bungane Carpenters provides and fits a wide range of insulation products. If you’re insulation requirements involve acoustic treatment, soundproofing or noise insulation, we can help.

We also provide thermal insulation to reduce heat transfer. One of the products we apply in this regard is Pink Aerolite Thermal Insulation. Aerolite reduces heat-flow and is essential to keeping a building warm in winter and cool in summer. Buildings that are effectively insulated decrease energy expenses. We fit Pink Aerolite in 50 mm, 75 mm, and 100 mm thick rolls.

Other trusted products in our arsenal include Energy Lite packs and Isotherm in 40 mm, 50 mm, 75 mm, and 100 mm thick rolls. We also make use of Cavitybatt insulation for use within steel frame structures, timber frame buildings and dry wall systems.


Custom Design and Installation of Kitchen and Bedroom Cabinets, Cupboards and Shelving

Designer Kitchen cabinet installation


One of the most exciting offerings at Bungane Carpenters is our 3D renderings of custom designed kitchen and/or bedroom cabinets, cupboards and shelving. With the aid of 3D designer software, we’re able to create a visual image of your dream kitchen and/or bedroom.

Bungane Carpenters renovates existing or incomplete kitchens, but can also design brand new ones according to your unique specifications. We provide all tiling, electrical and plumbing services that accompany a kitchen renovation as well as Wrap and Duco High Gloss doors OR square 2 mm PVC edged doors.

Our custom designed bedroom cupboards and walk-in dressing rooms are also designed according to your exact specifications – the choice of colour and finish is entirely yours. We’ll fit either side designer doors or sliding doors. Built-in’s are undoubtedly, the best way to maximise available space – a floor to ceiling built-in cupboard or walk-in dressing room will create a feeling of elegance and grandeur in your bedroom.


Door Hanging and Ironmongery

Door Hanging and Ironmongery


Bungane Carpenters can hang any door – from standard wooden doors, to pivot and sliding or tracking doors. We also manufacture and supply iron goods. Materials used in manufacturing include steel, aluminium, brass, and other metals.


Moulded Skirting, Architraves and Cornices

moulded skirting and architraves


Bungane Carpenters designs and fits decorative mouldings and cornices for furniture and/or the inside and outside of your home. We also do moulded skirting and architraves for the framing of doors, windows or any other rectangular opening.



carpentry service Germiston


Bungane Carpenters can finish that carpentry project you started, but never quite got round to completing – whether you’re adding an extension to your residential or commercial property OR adding a loft room or staircase. We can hang a wide range of doors – wooden doors, pivot doors, double doors, stack/folding doors, sliding doors etc. AND erect roofs which we’re able to tile and waterproof. Bungane Carpenters can meet any woodwork or joinery requirements.


Aluminium and Glass

Aluminium frame Glass Window


Bungane Carpenters fit aluminium frame top hung casement windows, hinged glass doors, sliding doors, and stacking doors. We also fit shop fronts with aluminium and glass products which includes glass partitions.


General Maintenance

general construction service

Bungane Carpenters provide general maintenance services in and around your residential or commercial property. We fit laminated flooring, carpeting or wall to wall tiles, we paint or fit wall paper coverings, we renovate bathrooms and kitchens, and so much more. Bungane Carpenters should be the first service provider you call with any general construction needs.